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First day of Blog….

30th May 2017, the first day of my Blog, the 68th day of my new ‘life as an artist’ (professional, that is -although I do find that a hard concept to adjust to). What have I achieved to date? Well, 10 paintings exhibited at The Ark Conference Centre in Basingstoke (3 sold, 1 commission – very happy indeed!), not all painted in the 68 days of course, the exhibition was planned much earlier in 2016, so plenty of time, in theory, to prepare! Two further commissions, one completed and one causing me much angst as my commissioning process fell at third hurdle – asking my client to clarify a wish/aspect of the painting resulted in two conflicting views. ‘Leave it with me!’ I replied – the result? I have struggled with the composition, thus the painting as a whole. Yesterday however, I persevered for several hours, was happier(ish) with its development, took a progress photo which duly swung upside-down on my ipad and hey-presto! the painting was born! Untitled and as yet incomplete, it now has some hope of making it to its new home in the far North-East (of England). Completed painting to be posted on-line at a later date!