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Influenced by the emotive, swirling images of J.M.W. Turner,  by the Cornish Artists and Abstract Expressionists of the early 20th Century, I would describe my art as figurative expressionism, capturing the feeling, the energy and essence of both sea and landscapes.


My Story

Art has been at the core of my being from a very young age …..

Whether painting, drawing or making, I became increasingly captivated by colour, fascinated by its impact upon our internal emotional states. My paintings have a vibrancy that is inspired by what I see and experience in nature; its power, beauty, the colour that surrounds us. I love to walk and when doing so, to take time to absorb my surroundings and think about the colours and textures that I might employ to capture and convey the deep and complex emotional responses that our land and seas evoke.

The early influences of the emotive, swirling images of J.M.W Turner’s art, the later Cornish Artists and Abstract Expressionists of the early 20th Century, have stayed with me as my painting style has evolved from my earlier explorations in abstraction to the figurative expressionism which typifies my current works. Capturing the energy and essence of both sea and landscapes remains essential as I play with loose forms, perspective and intense detail.

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My current as well as earlier works are to view on my website, which I hope you enjoy.  Whilst I do exhibit, I work mostly to commission. 


On long walks, I focus on absorbing the experience of being in the landscape. Loosely representational using colour, abstraction or intense detail, I attempt to capture the essence and form of the place.


Broad brush strokes, swift marks and glazing combine in these paintings to convey the energy, serenity and changing light of the sea, be it at rest or awaiting the next storm.

Still Life & Flowers

Loosely capturing the beauty and impact of a favourite pot with flowers is always a pleasure, bringing a large splash of joy onto the canvas and room where they hang!


I have had fun working with abstraction, whether that be responding to pieces of music (see Jazz! and The Jazz Singer) or expressing onto canvas, with texture and colour, my experiences within and outside of home.


An occasional dip into the challenge of portraiture...

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Playing with Colour

The winter months (actually, one of my favourite times of year) often stir in me a restlessness, a need to broaden my creativity, to experiment with technique, style and approach, to 'play' with the energy of my painting. I am surrounded then, by some new paintings...

Portraiture – the need for detail!

The more detailed my land and seascapes become, the less I enjoy what could be the finished piece. I often then stand back, hang the painting in my ‘viewing space’ and go back to it at some later stage to loosen it up. Portraiture on the other hand, is another kettle...

The Joys of Glazing

I’ve been using increasing layers of glazes in developing translucence and depth in my land and seascapes. This technique, as well as adding depth, gives a slightly ethereal quality to the art work, particularly in the early evening light. But! They do take time to...

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