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Influenced by the emotive, swirling images of J.M.W Turner’s art and later by the European and Abstract Expressionists of the early 20th Century, I would describe my art as moving between abstract and figurative expressionism, capturing the energy and essence of both sea and landscapes. My paintings are inspired by what I see in nature; the enormity, beauty and colour that surrounds us. I love to walk and when doing so, to take time to absorb my surroundings and think about the colours and textures that I might employ to convey and capture the deep and complex emotional responses that the sea and landscape can provoke.

I love water and trees and wide open landscapes, and in particular wide, open, dramatic skies! I approach each piece of work initially with a visual image which I ‘play out’ on the blank canvas, thinking about composition, colour and texture (not necessarily in that order!). I may start by layering texture onto the canvas, often mixing colour into the medium before committing myself to the detail of the composition, whether this be from one of my experiences, or a commissioned request.

Art has been an integral part of my life, whether enjoying exhibitions or painting. I am essentially self-taught, my career path having taken a very different road post A-level art. I have however, been fortunate to receive some excellent tutoring from a number of professional artists over the years. I have learnt and been encouraged in my development as an artist; their patience, knowledge and inspiration embedded in my work.

My current as well as earlier works are to view on my website, which I hope you enjoy.

Whilst I do exhibit, I work mostly to commission. In commissioning a piece of work, there are a number of things to consider. Time to discuss ideas, the subject of the painting (abstract or moving toward the figurative), whether there is a specific land or seascape that has captured your imagination and of course the size of the work and where the piece is to sit are all important. Whilst I am flexible, I love to paint large canvases, and like to encourage people to think carefully about their space and the impact that they wish to convey. So please, do contact me if you would like to discuss any ideas you wish to develop.